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Terms & Conditions


DIGS will agree a date and time with the customer for the works to commence and shall always endeavour to ensure this time and date is adhered to. However DIGS accepts no liability for any delays arising from adverse weather conditions, and/or variable site conditions and/or any delay caused by the customer and/or late delivery of supplies to site and/or an active event beyond their reasonable control.

The customer must provide electricity and water on the site if required and the cost of providing water and electricity will be borne by the client. The customer will provide access to toilet facilities to DIGS staff,
(a portaloo is acceptable).

The customer must indicate any underground cables and pipes before work commences and DIGS accepts no liability for damage whatsoever with any parties as a result of works which it carries out on or within the boundaries, cables or pipes that the client has indicated to us.

The customer will provide storage in the back garden for plants and soils etc, and once delivered are the responsibility of the customer.



DIGS accepts no responsibility for losses suffered after planting caused by neglect, pollution, drought, frost, extreme adverse weather, shade, waterlogging, damage, site or soil conditions (including subsequent weed growth).

The customer fully understands that plants are a living material and therefore an ever changing product.

If specific plant or plant material is unavailable DIGS will provide a suitable alternative.

All watering of plants, trees and shrubs once planted becomes the responsibility of the customer and DIGS cannot accept any responsibility for the survival once the plants are planted in the customers garden.

DIGS guarantees that all plants and trees will be inherently healthy when supplied. Planting and maintenance guidance is available on request, however responsibility for loss cannot be accepted since site conditions are beyond DIGS control.



Price will include removal of one bulk bag (87x87x87 cm) of garden waste (not including soil/earth).

Any additional removals can be negotiated at an additional charge.



In the event that a change of materials from that already delivered on-site is required as a result from a subsequent client change of mind, the client will be solely responsible for payment of all additional costs.

DIGS reserves the right to charge a reasonable amount of interest on any failure of the client to make payment on the agreed date. Customers payment is due within two weeks of the invoice date (unless otherwise agreed).